Introducing ZO Skin Health

Our skin expert, Leone, is a certified prescriber of ZO Skin products. Here's a bit more about the range and why it's her chosen brand to work with.

ZO Skin Health was created by the renowned Beverley Hills doctor, Dr Zein Obagi MD, recognised researcher, innovator, author and educator.

Dr Obagi’s ZO® Skin Health products utilise innovative ingredients to provide stabilisation and continuous skin health restoration. They help address hydration, skin barrier restoration, DNA repair, inflammation management, pigment control, antioxidant protection and UV protection. For patients with anti-ageing needs, there are added potent ingredients with high concentrations in specialised systems designed to stimulate cellular activity.

ZO® Skin Health products ‘wake up’ skin cells by utilising higher concentrations of active ingredients than those found in traditional anti-ageing skincare products. Additionally, retinol – the most effective anti-ageing ingredient today – is available in a variety of delivery systems. Designed to protect its stability, enhance delivery and reduce irritation.

With her specialist knowledge combined with the ZO range of products and treatments, Leone can help you tackle your skin concerns whether that be

  • ageing skin

  • redness or sensitivity

  • acne

  • pigmentation

  • dullness

  • dryness

  • rosacea

Get in touch to book a free consultation with Leone and begin the journey towards your best skin.

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