Why I created Beauty Delivered

The last 12 months have certainly been a Covid crazy rollercoaster; I had no idea what I was in for. I thought I’d be steadily continuing to grow my beauty business whilst also still finding my feet and navigating through Motherhood and our new(ish) family life. Having just written that down, I realise that I have in fact achieved what I set out to. Just not in the way I had imagined.

So many businesses had to adapt overnight due to the pandemic and it has been incredible to see lots that are not just surviving, but thriving through it. Unfortunately though, the beauty industry has taken a big hit. We’ve felt abandoned, forgotten and ignored. Deemed ‘not safe’ when actually hygiene and infection control is ingrained within us from day one. Furthermore, unlike a lot of other industries, it’s impossible for us to take our services online – we are entirely a ‘hands on’ industry. So we kind of just had to sit it out; practise, study, work on our businesses as much as we could and be confident in the fact that as soon as we could open our doors, our loving clients would be rushing through them. And thankfully they did.

During the second lockdown, I was having a clear out of products and I decided to put some ‘Home Facial Kits’ together using what products I needed using up. I put a few products in little pots inside an envelope so I could deliver them through my client’s letterboxes. I posted a video tutorial of me doing the facial so they could follow at home. The kits were really popular! So with Christmas coming up, I asked if people would be interested in a gift box version of the home facial and the answer was yes. I created a cute little gift box with 4 products, a face cloth, instructions and a herbal tea. They flew off the shelf!

People loved the idea of a facial in a box. And it got me thinking how great it would be to have one arrive through the letterbox every month. I realised that people are looking for little ‘pick me ups’ during these challenging times and are focussing more on selfcare. We need things that we can enjoy at home and that make us feel good.

I didn’t want to create another subscription box that sends different products each month to try, often leaving the customer with lots of unused products on their shelf. My idea was simple – to encourage people to take a bit of time for themselves and to help them look after their skin. I know lots of people find it hard to do things for themselves, like going to a salon for a facial, so I want to make it as easy as possible for them.

Beauty Delivered is about helping you commit to making selfcare a priority. It’s a monthly reminder (that arrives on your doormat) to take some time out. I want people to make that commitment to themselves. However, you don’t have to subscribe. You can purchase an individual box as a treat to yourself or someone else. It’s a lovely lockdown gift idea, either for birthdays or just to cheer someone up. I’ve even had orders from customers who have arranged a Zoom spa day with their friends

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