The Microblade method:

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo/permanent make up (PMU). The term ‘microblading’ refers to the tool that is used – a pen like, hand held device with a number of tiny needles positioned together to form a ‘blade’. No machine is used for this this method. With the microblade both individual hairstrokes and shading of the brows can be achieved (often a combination of both gives a natural looking brow). Please note that microblading is not suitable for all skin types – results are best on normal skin. Oily/porous/mature skin is usually more suited to the machine shading method. 

The Machine method:

The The machine method is used for shading of the brows. It is performed more like a traditional tattoo, using a machine with a vibrating needle(s). It is actually a more gentle method of PMU and good for delicate/mature skin. It is also a better option for oily skin. By using the machine shading method different looks can be achieved – soft and powdery, bold and defined or an ombre effect (lighter at the fronts and darker towards the ends).  

  • Both methods are types of permanent make up (PMU). However results do fade over time and this depends on each individual’s skin and lifestyle factors. Top ups are required every 9-18 months to keep the colour fresh. 


  • Results are always dependent on each individual’s skin, lifestyle factors and following the correct after care. 


  • In most cases a 6 week top up after the initial treatment is required to ensure the best possible results. This is included in the price of the initial treatment.   

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