The term 'microblading' refers to the tool that is used; a pen like, handheld device with a number of tiny needles positioned together to form a 'blade'. No machine is used with this method. I use this technique to create individual hair strokes and it is best for filling out brows that already have a reasonable shape. I dont reccomend microblading for sparse brows because it will always be possible to see the difference between the real hairs and the microbladed strokes. Microblading is also not suitable for mature or very delicate skin/large pores/oily skin/sensitive skin/rosacea/textured skins/lines and wrinkles. You are only an good candidate for Microblading if you have good, healthy and young skin.


The 'powder' style of brows is achieved using a machine, similar to the traditional body tattooing method, with a vibrating needle(s) to implant colour into the skin. The effect is similar to that of wearing brow make up ie. brow powder or pencil. It is actually a more gentle method of PMU and kinder to delicate or mature skin. It is also a better option for oily skin. With this method I shade the skin to create different effects; soft and powdery, bold and defined or an ombre effect (lighter at the fronts and darker towards the tails). Powder brows tend to age better in the skin over time and are suitable for a wide range of clients.

  • Both methods are types of permanent make up (PMU). However results do fade over time and this depends on each individual’s skin and lifestyle factors. Top ups are required every 9-18 months to keep the colour fresh.

  • Rachel spends time with each individual to create brows that are bespoke to you. No two sets of brows are the same.

  • Results are always dependent on each individual’s skin, lifestyle factors and following the correct after care. 


  • In most cases a 6 week top up after the initial treatment is required to ensure the best possible results. This is included in the price of the initial treatment.