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BROW LAMINATION in Milton Keynes

Eyebrow Lamination is a professional treatment that realigns brow hairs into a new shape. This popular treatment straightens and lifts the brow hair giving the appearance of naturally fuller, bushier brows.  After the treatment the hairs are set in a more 'brushed up' position creating more volume, however it is still possible to brush and move the hairs around to create your preferred style. 



Will brow lamination give me fuller brows?
Brow lamination gives the effect of a fuller brow as the brows are brushed up in a more 'bushy' style. 

Is brow lamination permanent?
Brow lamination is not permanent; results last approx 4-6 weeks. 

Is brow lamination the same as microblading?
Brow lamination and microblading are not the same procedure and give completely different results. Microblading is a permanent make up technique (which implants pigment under the skin) whereas brow lamination changes the structure and position of the brow hair. 

How often can I have brow lamination?

It is not recommended to have brow lamination more often than every 6-8 weeks. In some cases (dependent on the brow hair) it is best to wait longer in between treatments. 

Will brow lamination damage my brows? 
In some cases the brow hair can become over processed through brow lamination however your technician should adjust the product timings according to your hair type. It is also not recommended to have the procedure too often as this can damage the hair. It is best to wait at least 6-8 weeks. 

How long does brow lamination take?
Brow lamination takes approximately 45 minutes.

How long does brow lamination last?
Brow lamination lasts 4-6 weeks. For best results the hairs should be brushed into position daily. 

Can I have brow lamination if I have no brow hair?
Brow lamination can't be performed when there is little or no hair. 

Is brow lamination good for sparse brows?
Brow lamination gives the best results on full brows. Brow lamination is not recommended if the brows are too thin, sparse or short. 

Can I have brow lamination if I'm pregnant?
Due to hormonal changes in the hair and increased skin sensitivity, brow lamination is not recommended during pregnancy. 

Is brow lamination suitable for my brows?
Brow lamination is suitable for you if you have a good amount of hair and prefer a fuller, bushier brow. 

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