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Office massage therapies, workplace wellbeing

"The massage session helped me switch off for a while and helped me return back to work in a positive mood and much more comfortable. I also slept a lot better that night." 

It is estimated that poor mental health costs UK employers £33bn – £42bn each year. (Mental health and employers: The case for investment. Supporting study for the Independent Review. October 2017).

The report also states:


  • Poor mental health and wellbeing can impact an individual’s ability to thrive at work and earn a living. 

  • Employers should be encouraged to identify and support individuals who bring their mental health problems to work with them, as well as provide mentally healthy working conditions.

  • Employers can offer a range of activities to support individuals’ personal circumstances enabling them to take the best course of action for their mental health. 

  • Offering these activities is not only beneficial for employees and society, but can reduce the significant employer costs of absence, presenteeism and employee turnover.

  • Our research shows that whilst many employers offer reactive support, providing support at earlier, preventative stages of the employee journey may deliver a better average return on investment.

If you are part of a local company within Milton Keynes or South Northamptonshire and would like to support the wellbeing of your staff through offering workplace therapies then I'd love to hear from you.