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A complete Guide To Powder Brows

The world of Brows can be confusing at times, with new trends, techniques and treatments constantly developing. Here is your complete guide to Powder Brows, a technique that is suitable for almost anyone and that can give you the brows of your dreams.

This guide will answer all your Powder Brow questions:

What are ‘Powder Brows’?

Powder Brows are a type of cosmetic tattoo that gives the effect of eyebrow powder or pencil. Powder Brows will look like you have applied pencil or powder to the skin behind the brow hairs. Powder Brows can be created to be soft and light or more bold and defined, depending on the clients’ preference.

Are powder brows permanent?

If you’ve researched Powder Brows and seen them described as both Permanent and Semi Permanent then understandably you’re probably still feeling confused and unsure whether this is the procedure for you. The reason some refer to Powder Brows as Semi-permanent is because in almost all cases they WILL fade. How much and how quickly they fade will vary depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and the pigment and the technique used. Also, just because we know they will fade, does not mean that they will fade entirely. Even in several years there may be a small amount of pigment left in the skin. Therefore they should be considered a Permanent procedure that will need boosting every year or so.

How are Powder Brows done?

Powder Brows are created using a pen-like machine with a number of vibrating needles that implant pigment into the skin. The technique and machine is similar, but not the same, as a body tattoo. The Powder Brow effect is built by gently layering colour into the skin. The Powder Brow technician will build the colour depending on the clients requirements, for example keeping it soft and light or more bold and defined.

Does getting Powder Brows hurt?

Having Powder Brows may cause some discomfort, the level of which can vary for each individual and how the technician works. In most cases the pain is minimal and feels like little scratches on the skin. Most technicians will also use a numbing product to keep you as comfortable as possible during the Powder Brow procedure.

Can Powder Brows cause scarring?

In the hands of a well trained and educated technician Powder Brows won’t cause scarring. With Powder Brows and any other form of cosmetic tattoo such as Microblading scarring will only occur if incorrect technique has been applied; usually when they have worked too deep in the skin. Scarring from a cosmetic tattoo can leave the skin looking uneven in texture. Sometimes the scarring can be quite apparent whilst in other cases it is only upon looking close up that it can be seen.

When do Powder Brows start to scab?

Following the Powder Brows procedure the skin will begin its healing process. During the Powder Brow healing process a scab will form between day 1 - 3. After approximately 5-7 days the scab will begin to flake away and may take 2-3 days to fully flake away. During this stage the Powder Brows will look patchy but it is important not to pick at the scab.

Why Powder Brows are better than Microblading

Microblading became very popular, very quickly, several years ago and was soon known as a more natural and less permanent type of cosmetic tattoo. What many people didn’t know is that when performed by the wrong hands or even on the wrong type of skin, the procedure can look very unnatural and be very permanent, in some cases causing scarring and getting darker over time. That’s why now a quick Google search will show many cases of Microblading gone wrong. (I must add that it’s also possible for Powder Brows and any other type of cosmetic tattoo to be carried out badly which is why you should always research your practitioner). Microblading is great for young, healthy skin and when carried out by a real expert (which you should most certainly expect to pay more for). Microblading can also look very natural, especially when filling out an already half decent natural brow. Other than that, Powder Brows are much more adaptable and versatile and will suit pretty much any skin type. Not only that but Powder Brows can be created to look as soft or as bold as desired, and they will age much better in the skin over time than Microblading. So unless you are young (early twenties), with good skin and fairly good natural brows.

Will powder brows fade completely?

If powder brows are done correctly then they will gradually fade over time. The rate at which they fade will depend on factors such as skin type and lifestyle. It can take several years or more for Powder brows to fade entirely and even then upon closer inspection, you may still be able to see a small amount of pigment in the skin. The more dark and heavy Powder Brows are done, the longer they will take to disappear and may not ever disappear completely. When having Powder Brows you should expect that they will always be there to some degree.

Can powder brows be removed?

Powder Brows can be removed by a specialist using either saline removal or laser removal. The results and efficacy of these treatments depends on the type of pigment used, the amount of pigment in the skin and how deep the pigment was implanted into the skin.

How long will powder brows last?

Powder Brows should be considered a permanent treatment. However, Powder Brows will soften, fade and dull down over time which is why you should revisit your Powder Brow technician for a regular Colour Boost, usually every 12-18 months.

What to expect at your Powder Brow appointment

Your Powder Brow appointment should take approximately 1.5-2 hours. Prior to your Powder Brow appointment you should have already had a consultation and patch test with your technician. At your Powder Brow appointment your technician should discuss your preferences in terms of style and colour, as well as assess any asymmetry or areas that you may like to improve. Then they will begin with the pre-draw. The pre-draw is when your Powder Brow technician will draw the brows on with a pencil. During the pre-draw they will measure the brows and aim to create as much symmetry as possible, whilst achieving the desired style and shape. Your powder brow technician will check that you are happy with the pre-draw before they then go on to using the machine to create your Powder Brows. Whilst creating the Powder Brows with the machine, they will most likely use a numbing product to make it comfortable for you. This part of the procedure usually takes around an hour. Once complete, you Powder Brow technician will then talk you through the after care and provide you with home care products to look after your brows whilst they are healing.

Do I need to have a patch test for Powder Brows?

Yes, a patch test is required before having Powder Brows.

Do I need to have a consultation for Powder Brows?

Your Powder Brow technician should provide a thorough consultation prior to having Powder Brows.

Finding the right Powder Brow technician.

When finding the right Powder Brow technician for you, you should look at examples of their previous work, in particular you should look for images of healed results. Most powder brow technicians will have social media and/or a website displaying examples of their recent work. Your technician should show examples of different skin types and age ranges. If a lot of their work looks the same, then they may have a particular style and you should ensure that this is the style you are looking for. Your technician should ensure they carry out a patch test and consultation; if they don’t do this then you should be concerned. Your Powder Brow technician should be happy to answer any questions you have about their work and the procedure. You should also ensure that your Powder Brow technician is qualified and insured. You can request to see these documents or they may have them on display.


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