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Are permanent brows for you?

Has the idea of new brows (and saving a bit of time each morning) been on your mind for some time?

When most clients come for their consultation, I often hear the words "I've been thinking about it for ages, but I'm a bit nervous'. They have images of thick, dark, obvious and badly tattooed brows in their mind, mainly thanks to Google and sadly the many practitioners out there who are poorly trained and seem to have a 'one size fits all' approach. I wouldn't blame you for being put off.

However, it doesn't have to be the case. When you are thinking about getting your brows done ensure that you research your practitioner, see some of their work and attend a consultation to make sure your desired outcomes align.

One thing I like to highlight to any potential client is that it is a permanent procedure. If you have seen 'semi-permanent brows' advertised elsewhere, please know that this is a little misleading. The word itself is an oxy-moron. Whatever technique is being advertised, whether its microblading, cosmetic tattooing, ombre brows, powder brows, machine brows, nano brows etc, they are ALL ways of implanting pigment into the skin and therefore should be considered permanent. Having said this, the brows will fade (but not completely) over time and their lifespan will vary hugely depending on technique, type of products and tools used, clients skin and clients lifestyle. Usually, maintenance is required every 12-18 months to keep the brows looking fresh and at their best.

If you look at my work, on Instagram or Facebook, you will notice that every set of brows is totally unique. From the style, to the shape and colour. I always work with what my client has in place naturally and my aim is to subtly enhance. Over the last decade, techniques and products have advanced greatly and it means we can create subtle and natural looking brows, even though it is still technically a tattoo.

I can work with almost any client in terms of age and skin type - although both play a part in achieving the best results. There are some medical conditions that would prevent the procedure, which is why a thorough health questionnaire is required before hand. The main factors that would prevent the procedure would be pregnancy, breastfeeding, haemophilia, hepatitis, epilepsy, undergoing chemo/radio therapy.

Permanent brows are a great solution if you

  • have very little brow hair in place and would like to create a fuller brow

  • find yourself drawing your brows on most days but would prefer not to (and want to save yourself some time each day!)

  • have a good natural shape and amount of hair but would like more definition

  • have uneven brows and would like more symmetry

  • would like to have great brows, even on your make up free days


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